ONTIER and the APD organise their first Directors Forum

ONTIER and the APD organise their first Directors Forum

The Austrian chapter of APD and ONTIER organised their first Directors Forum last Friday at the Hotel de la Reconquista in Oviedo.

The aim was to provide corporate board members with insight into the Supreme Court's latest rulings on corporate criminal liability matters and raise their awareness of the preventative measures required.

Issues related to corporate responsibility and criminal liability are increasingly being embedded into companies' management structures and way of doing business across all sectors.

Recent regulatory developments and legal rulings require companies to implement efficient criminal risk management and prevention models and organisational structures (criminal compliance) and to embed rules, policies and procedures into their decision-making, documentation and everyday operations. These compliance programmes are also a useful tool for mitigating director liability.

The event's inaugural speech was given at 9.45am by Pablo Junceda, president of APD in Asturias, and Eutimio Martínez, managing partner at ONTIER in Oviedo.

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