SEP 2017
Internationalisation Strategies in the Legal Sector, an Article by Expansión

Internationalisation Strategies in the Legal Sector, an Article by Expansión

According to a newly released article by Expansión, the internationalisation strategies followed by large law firms in Spain have changed dramatically over time. Once settled in the main international locations following very different international growth models, large Spanish law firms are now looking into Latin America.

Some large law firms like Garrigues have gone for a model based on opening offices, which as they state 'makes it possible to operate under a single, unified brand, an integrated management model, a shared business culture, shared goals and a shared insight on the legal practice.' Then law firms like Cuatrecasas, Uría Menéndez and Gómez-Acebo y Pombo have gone for a flexible model where they combine opening offices and signing alliances and cooperation agreements.

ONTIER follows a unique model within the legal sector

ONTIER's internationalisation model, which is based on the acquisition of shares in local law firms, is a totally unique and new approach to internationalisation for the legal sector. The strategy is based on creating a global firm by integrating local law firms to become offices by adopting common systems and processes. This strategy requires a high level of creativity, flexibility and financial capability in order to formalise the agreements with the local partners.

ONTIER's strategy seeks to make it possible to operate in a single firm globally. This strategy fits the financial capability, culture and values of the law firm, which goes for a business structure and organisation. Furthermore, this strategy also adds up in supporting clients in their internationalisation procedures.

One of the main advantages of the ONTIER model is that local offices are highly integrated in the firm, which makes it possible to provide a quality service globally while keeping the local know-how. It also provides the management with strategic decision capability for a fast growth and especially reinforces the idea of being in a shared project.