OCT 2017
Danielle Carr took part in delivering an ‘International Arbitration Masterclass’
Danielle Carr, Lawyer at ONTIER UK.

Danielle Carr took part in delivering an ‘International Arbitration Masterclass’

A few days ago, Danielle Carr, Lawyer at ONTIER UK, joined Gerald Yee, Partner at Clyde & Co. Singapore, to deliver a global webinar entitled “International Arbitration: Masterclass”. The presenters shared their in-depth insights into international arbitration, including the fundamentals of arbitration and recent developments.
In particular, Gerald and Danielle highlighted the advantages of arbitration as a dispute resolution mechanism, including its suitability in resolving cross-border disputes. The presenters also spoke about developing a dispute resolution policy and how best to draft effective dispute resolution (and in particular, arbitration) clauses.
The presenters provided practical hints and tips in minimising the risk of cross-border disputes arising or escalating, and how best to manage such disputes when they do arise. Finally, Gerald and Danielle shared insights on a number of recent developments in international arbitration, including steps arbitral institutions are taking to deliver more responsive, cost-effective and faster dispute resolution procedures. Attendees from around the globe then had an opportunity to engage directly with the panel in a thoughtful Q&A session at the end.