JAN 2018
Labour Relations in the Age of Gig Economy
Via Pixabay.

Labour Relations in the Age of Gig Economy


Luis Sánchez Quiñones and Santiago Zamora Antón, Labour and Employment Lawyers at ONTIER, just released a new article at Spanish magazine Cinco Días in which they go over the latest reforms on the labour landscape in the age of gig economy.

Every day we see hundreds of 'riders' across the streets of our cities, delivering food under the name of a company which not so long ago was unknown to us: Deliveroo, Glovo, UberEats and Stuart are already part of the city landscape, filling the streets with an army of 'riders' carrying with them the meals with which many people start their weekends.

And across the city they often meet the so-called 'drivers' from Uber and Cabify, who turned the concept of private vehicle driving licences into an element as important to our cities as pavement itself. These new names and working modalities have dramatically changed our insight on labour relations, or have they?

You can check out the full article here (SP only): Digital Articles of Association for an Employment Revolution