JAN 2018
eSports among Spainís Top 10 Sporting Disciplines
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eSports among Spainís Top 10 Sporting Disciplines


The Legal eSports Guide drafted by ONTIER in cooperation with the Professional Videogames League, has recently informed that Spain is the country with the highest gaming rate, also according to a recent article by Expansión. National telephone companies have already showed interest in this sector that moves more than half of the population from 14 to 55 years old. eSports have got into the Top 10 most popular sporting disciplines in Spain, following soccer and followed by basketball or tennis.

The eSports industry is still an untapped market in terms of advertising. The brands that get to be advertised in eSports platforms improve their image thanks to the connection they build with gamers. This connection can arise because brands truly understand the consumer's and take advantage. Furthermore, gamers like those brands that believe in the joy of gaming. Maybe because of the characteristics of the sector, the average consumer is a really young person, about 29 years old. According to Wink Founder Gabriel Sáenz de Buruaga, 'this turns the videogames industry into a highly profitable sector.'

According to a survey carried out by Wink, the more kinship gamers feel with a brand, the more likely the brand is to place adds in the eSports sector. Most of them are sports, technology, energy drinks, tourism and leisure brands.

The eSports market is potentially beneficial for many brands, and what they need to do is connecting with consumers of this market to maximise advertising related investment in the sector.

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