FEB 2018
Circus Talks: Is Big Data the Real Big Brother?
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Circus Talks: Is Big Data the Real Big Brother?


Last Monday, February 19 at 20:00h, Circus by Borja hosted a new session of the Circus Talks series about 'Is Big Data the Real Big Brother?'. The conference was taught by Rafael Álvarez Cuesta, PhD in Economics by the University of Oviedo, MA in Economic Analysis and Quantitative Methods also by the University of Oviedo and Diploma in Strategic Marketing and Commercialisation by ESASE.

According to Rafael, most of the data in today's world is digital and comes from many different sources. This raises the eternal doubt of how to best store this data in a world of limited resources, how to process it and how to collect information.

Rafael went over the different business models that have arisen from the digital revolution, which require smart data processing procedures, something that has brought changes to virtually all areas in our lives.

Rafael completed his studies at the IESE, the IE, the Chicago Business School and the London School of Economics. Specialised in Finance, Rafael has an extensive background comprising more than 15 years of experience in banking, focusing on topics such as new technologies, Big Data and Data Analytics. He previously worked as Head of Data Mining at Cajastur, where he later worked as Head of Management. Then he worked as Head of Investment Analysis at Liberbank and as Deputy Director at the Afi Finance School. He's currently back at teaching at the University of Oviedo, where he lectures in Economic Analysis.

Circus Talks is a series of talks held at Circus, a space boosted by our law firm for hosting conferences, workshops, panel discussions and meetings. Circus by Borja was designed to become an open space to share knowledge and experiences. 'We want Circus by Borja to host lots of visitors, especially young people. We want them to feel welcomed in an open space that inspires joy, freshness, good vibes, innovation and avant-garde' tells Sergio Requejo, Head of the Circus Talks plan, together with María Mateo, Director of Circus by Borja.