MAR 2018
Pirated Websites Blocked by Judicial Decision
Via Pixabay.

Pirated Websites Blocked by Judicial Decision


A few days ago the Spanish Civil Guard blocked 25 web pages with contents protected by intellectual property rights. Also, a commercial court in Barcelona sentenced various operators to block the access to two illegal pages of this type. Joaquín Muñoz, Head of IT &IP at ONTIER, shares his insight: 'Anything that is hindering the illicit is welcome, although it is also true that in this battle between technology and law it seems that technological solutions always come faster than judicial activity itself.'

This innovation is seen in the sector as a step forward, even though it is not a definitive measure. In addition, this initiative could be the preliminary step to officially closing off websites with the authorisation of a judge. For Joaquín Muñoz, the development of this type of intervention is possible as our regulations in criminal and intellectual property matters are being updated.

It seems that a new future is looming with stricter regulations for the online film and series industry, and for all websites with content protected by intellectual property rights.

You can check the full article here (SP only).