MAR 2018
Circus Talks: “The Fight”, by Designer Marcos Luengo

Circus Talks: “The Fight”, by Designer Marcos Luengo


A few days ago Circus hosted a new event within the Circus Talks series: 'The fight', taught by renowned designer Marcos Luengo, who was also joined by Photographer Mercedes Blanco. In their speeches both of them explained that the process of creating a collection is not easy, and the final result depends not just on performing the best show, but also on plenty of hard work and talent.

Marcos Luengo, from Asturias, studied Psychology and then founded his own art and teaching business until he decided to focus on his greatest passion: art and design. Creative and entrepreneurial, Marcos launched his first collection of bags and leather pieces and started to sell them in the best shops of Spain and Portugal. His success led him to open his own space in Oviedo and to start designing new products like wedding dresses and tailor-made party dresses. Marcos noted that his designs are made for confident women 'who like good quality items: those items that really are good quality, rather than just looking like good quality.'

Marco now shows his pret-a-porter collections at the Madrid Fashion Week. After his first performance there, Marcos also opened his own atelier in Madrid at Jorge Juan street. Later, in September 2017, he opened another shop in the same street. He's been recently awarded with the 'Moscón de Oro', granted by Amigos de Grado, and la Nueva España newspaper named him 'Asturian citizen of the month' in September.

Here you can check more pictures of the event.

Circus Talks is a series of talks held at Circus, a space boosted by our law firm for hosting conferences, workshops, panel discussions and meetings. Circus by Borja was designed to become an open space to share knowledge and experiences. 'We want Circus by Borja to host lots of visitors, especially young people. We want them to feel welcomed in an open space that inspires joy, freshness, good vibes, innovation and avant-garde' tells Sergio Requejo, Head of the Circus Talks plan, together with María Mateo, Director of Circus by Borja.