MAY 2018
Great Conflicts, Great Mediators

Great Conflicts, Great Mediators


A strike that has been going on for more than two months has stopped the Galician Justice Administration. That's why a few days ago, the CSIF (Independent Trade Union of Public Officials) suggested to the Xunta de Galicia the possibility of turning to mediation in order to find a solution. Agustín Azparren, Mediation Specialist at ONTIER Spain, was chosen as the mediator in charge to carry out this process, because of his outstanding professional background and success rate, which is among the highest in Spain.

The extension of this conflict in the Administration has affected both parties, therefore mediation is the only way out and also the most advantageous, according to the CSIF. 'At this stage of the conflict, in which the relations between the parties are already damaged, the mediation of an independent person, aware of the conflict and of the Administration of Justice, but unaware of all the circumstances that have taken place in these two months of conflict, turns out to be the best alternative.'

The mediator is expected to find an agreement between the parties as soon as possible, after holding various bilateral meetings with the most representative trade union organisations and the Xunta. This agreement will be submitted for the approval of the Galician Justice officials, therefore the officials will make the final decision.

You can read the full article here (SP only).