MAY 2018
ONTIER 360 Management Tool Featured on Lefebvre's Innovation in Corporate Law Report
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ONTIER 360 Management Tool Featured on Lefebvre's Innovation in Corporate Law Report


The Innovation in Corporate Law Report edited by Lefebvre is now available. This report, drafted in cooperation with ONTIER, goes over the impact of new technologies in law firm management, and in improving the firms' competitiveness in almost every sector.

Every legal firm is different, therefore each of them chooses the innovation that best fits their management schemes. That way, some companies choose blockchain technologies and others prefer Artificial Intelligence (AI). In implementing these types of innovations it's possible to reduce the work put in documentation management, developing a competitive edge and also speeding up certain tasks. According to José Ángel Sandín, CEO at Lefebvre – El Derecho, 'at Lefebvre we understand that innovation is the best way to provide our clients with the most functional service possible.'

The challenge posed by technology is now seen as an opportunity, mostly because of the new reality of the workforce. Millennials are playing a key role in this transformation and they find flexibility, diversity and balance as the most valuable assets in the employment sphere.

All of these developments are creating a new legaltech scenario open to a wide range of innovations like co-working spaces, co-creation forums, data, design of collaborative management softwares like ONTIER's management tool ONTIER 360, etc.

New technologies are changing the legal industry in several ways, and that's why it's important to make use of them to accomplish new goals.

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