JUNE 2018
Strengthening Intellectual Property Protection in Portugal
Via Pixabay.

Strengthening Intellectual Property Protection in Portugal


Companies are becoming fully aware of the importance of intellectual property protection when it comes to their growth and expansion strategies. This leads us to wonder how to best protect these intangible assets that are companies' intellectual property. As Felipe Mayer, Partner at ONTIER Portugal, explains for Jornal Económico, the protection of this type of assets implies a registration, which may vary in territorial or material terms.

Innovation goes way further companies' limits, which means that companies are hiring more and more experts to help them innovate and assess how protected they are within the market. In order to innovate, companies need new ideas that can be useful, because otherwise those ideas couldn't possibly be developed within the corporate sphere. The opportunities that can be brought by new ideas are uncountable, which explains the importance of protecting them.

The protection of these ideas, i.e. of companies' intellectual property, implies a registration, something that companies in Portugal have already understood.

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