JUL 2018
The Private Sector is Key in LatAm
Via Pixabay.

The Private Sector is Key in LatAm


In November, Guatemala will be hosting the XXVI Ibero-American Summit. That was the main topic addressed in the latest session of the Ibero-America in Business Forum, organised by Expansión and Telefónica and sponsored by ONTIER, Kreab and Excelia, in cooperation with the General Secretariat, CEIB and Casa de América. 

At the summit of Ibero-American heads of state, the contribution of companies to sustainable economic growth will be one of the main topics to be addressed. 'Business owners have the opportunity and the privilege of sharing a space with the heads of state and expressing their thoughts and needs' noted Rebeca Grynspan, Ibero-American Secretary General, speaking about the business forum that will be held right before the summit.

She also referred to the key role played by the business sector in Latin America, something that Juan Rosell, CEOE's president, also spoke about, noting that is key to keep moving forward in the continent's commercial integration.

Adolfo Suárez Illana, ONTIER International President, chaired one of the round table discussions taking place in the event. The session focused on topics such as digital economy in Ibero-America and the contributions of the private sector expected by 2030 regarding sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

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