JUL 2018
The Challenges Facing Renewable Energies in Latin America

The Challenges Facing Renewable Energies in Latin America

Dominican Republic

A few days ago ONTIER Dominican Republic hosted a breakfast-conference in Santo Domingo to talk about the challenges facing renewable energies in the Dominican Republic. The talks were given by Eloy Márquez, Senior Energy Advisor at ONTIER; José Manuel Alburquerque, Managing Partner at ONTIER Dominican Republic; Emily Sucart, Lawyer at ONTIER Dominican Republic; Ángel Canó, Executive Director at the National Energy Commission of the Dominican Republic; and Rafael Velazco, Energy Advisor, who chaired the session. 

According to Eloy Márquez, the Dominican Republic only needs a mindset change to go all in with renewable energies. And changing a mindset is the most difficult type of change. Márquez also highlights the need to provide investors with a safe legal framework that brings peace of mind to other actors such as banking institutions, EPC companies and IPPs.

Márquez also highlighted the need to improve the traceability of landowners and the stages of the procedure and authorisations necessary to carry out the projects. He also described the country's energy landscape and the key aspects that define the electricity market, while addressing innovative issues such as PPAs and storage.

Ángel Canó talked about the greatest challenges facing the Dominican Republic with regards to renewable energies. He highlighted two of those challenges: on the one hand, he talked about the commitments the country made as a signatory of the COP 21 agreement, which implies reaching a renewable generation quota of 25% in 2030 compared to the current 20.4%. On the other hand, there is a need to improve diversification in terms of generating agents. Currently, 78% of electricity generation in the Dominican Republic comes from just three companies.