SEP 2018
The Rain Won't Stop the ONTIER Cup

The Rain Won't Stop the ONTIER Cup


On Wednesday and Thursday rain didn't stop in Oviedo and the ONTIER Cup had to take a break. But the weather forecast showed a possible truce for today in Oviedo, and everything is ready for the tournament to continue. 

Today the round of sixteen is taking place for the singles and doubles categories, together with the matches of the Mini ONTIER Cup, which started yesterday and has moved to Parque del Oeste, so that it can be held indoors.

The rain triggered so many delays and the final had to be postponed. It will be on Sunday 9, with the final of the Mini ONTIER Cup at 10:00, followed by the final of the ONTIER Cup starting at 12:00, and closing the session with the awards ceremony.

Another highlight for today is Street tennis, which was also postponed from Thursday to Friday because of the rain. There will be exhibitions carried out by players of the tournament, wheelchair tennis and more surprises happening right in the heart of Oviedo, in Paseo del Bombé, Campo San Francisco.