SEP 2018
Eduard Esteve Wins the ONTIER Cup 2018

Eduard Esteve Wins the ONTIER Cup 2018


On Sunday Eduard Esteve became the winner of the ONTIER Cup 2018, after his opponent, Germain Gigounon, left the game due to an injury. Esteve won the first set 6-3 and then, in the second set, his opponent had to leave the game. In the doubles category, Orlando Luz and Felipe Meligeni became the winners after beating Diego Motas and Joao Sorgi in the last match. As for the Mini ONTIER Cup, Rocío Morís and Miguel Avendaño became the winners in their respective categories. The Oviedo Tennis Club hosted a significantly large audience for this thrilling final of the cup. 

Exhaustion led the singles category match. Neither Esteve nor Gigounon played hard in this match, as they both were experiencing tiredness and injuries due to the high intensity of the matches played on Saturday. Esteve won the game after Gogounon's leave announcement soon after the beginning of the second set.

In the doubles category, the match played by Brazilian couples got pretty tight. The first set was won by Sorgi and Matos 7-5 but Melegini and Luz got evens in the second set by scoring 6-4. In the super tie break Sorgi and Matos were first thought to become the winners, but in the end it was Luz and Melegini who won the game.

The Mini ONTIER Cup final also took place on Sunday morning at the Oviedo Tennis Club. Miguel Avendaño won the final match in the men's category, playing versus Jaime Paquet. Avendaño won both sets 6-4.

The women's final of the Mini ONTIER Cup ended up with a super tie break. María Cascos beat Rocío Morís in the first set, but she fought back and won the second set 6-3 to finally win the game 10-5. The session finished in the afternoon with the seniors matches, another of the activities promoted by the ONTIER Cup for a week full of tennis.